Orchestrator: Successful but has errors

Hey guys! I’m running a job on Orchestrator and am getting a state of ‘Successful’. However, when looking into the logs there is an error and the job did not complete. The entire job resides inside a try catch with an exception catch set to log message (level:info message: exception.message.tostring)

Any ideas why I’m not getting a faulted state here?

As long as you don’t throw an exception, the job will finish successfully. Catching it and just logging w/o re-throwing the exception may result in the observed behavior.


The try catch is catching this exception therefore it’s not faulting. The point in the try catch is to catch specific errors, and in the “catches” section have remedial activities that will resolve the issue it’s thrown and continue.

If you can share the xaml I can have a further look into it for you.


Use a “Throw” activity in your catch block to avoid such false positives on the Orchestrator. I’d recommend you to only use a Try-Catch block on those blocks which are critical or possibly error-prone rather than enclosing the entire workflow.

If you wish to enclose the entire workflow then kindly rename all activities and workflow invokes to help you in trouble-shooting quickly and efficiently.