Process Assessment Tool Benefit Fields

We are utilizing the UiPath Process Assessment Tool (excel version) to assess and prioritize processes for automation. In the Estimated Benefits columns, there is a column called Est. AHT Reduction. What is this column used for?


AHT is average handling time…

That column tells you how much faster the process is done usinng automation


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Hi @lee.tracy

The “Est. AHT Reduction” column in the UiPath Process Assessment Tool (Excel version) is used to estimate the potential reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) that can be achieved through automation for a specific process. AHT refers to the average time it takes to complete a task or process.

column is typically used to assess the current manual process to determine how long it takes on average to complete. This assessment should consider all the steps involved in the process, including human interactions, system processing time, waiting time, etc.

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