Process as a Web service



I am very new to UiPath. Please bare with my basic question.

Can we expose a automation Process as a Web service ? and later I want to consume this web service in some other applications. I have seen this feature in Blue Prism.



Hi @nawin,

Hope this could help you, Take a look through this link,



Thanks Susana for your reply.

The link tells about the UiPath Web api which can be used to manage the environment level attributes.

My question is related to an individual process. For example I have a process which opens a notepad, I want to expose my process as a web service then call the service (url) in a .Net or some other application which should execute the process.

Is this possible in Ui Path ?



Did you figure out how to do it by UiPath. I also have the same problem. however I don’t see anyone can clearly answer this question and most of them are pointing to environment level attribute. Or just reference to Orchestrator api.


Figured out .


Can you share with me how you do it?


Hi @dwshowtime, A single process cannot be directly exposed as a web service in uipath. But Orchestrator functionalities such as starting a Job (starting a Uipath process), adding queues , adding assets can be done by means of Orchestrator API. As the interest here is with respect to process, we can consume the REST api of Uipath orchestrator in an external environment to start an Uipath process in a desired configured machine. referring to the link above, I have created a basic document for this use case. Let me know if that could be useful for you, post which I shall upload