Is it possible to expose my workflow as a web service and have it triggered?

I’m currently working on a use case where my workflow is supposed to be exposed and triggered as a web service. I noticed that you could invoke web services inside UiPath, but is it possible to have my workflow triggered by a different web service or third party program?

If you are asking on how to trigger your process from a different software using API then the answer is yes.

This is the link for all OData and references,

Swagger URL:

Basic steps would involve,

  1. Authenticating with orchestrator
  2. Getting the release key
  3. Starting the job

Thank you for this @rachrahul2, I’ll try this. :smile:

Hey Rahul, is there like a more detailed step by step process on how to trigger the deployed process in orchestrator? Sorry, I’m quite new in UiPath. Let’s say using Postman?

Postman will let you test/simulate your API(s) and it is very similar to what I mentioned - Swagger UiPath (web based)

Some detailed steps for triggering a process would involve…

  1. Authenticating your orchestrator (POST method)
    Body includes
    “{”+“”“tenancyName”“”+“:”+ “”“yourTenant”“”+“,”+“”“usernameOrEmailAddress”“”+“:”+ “”“userID”“”+“,”+“”“password”“”+“:”+ “”“PW”“”+“}”

You get Result and Connection Status
List of connection status codes - List of HTTP status codes - Wikipedia

Result is string

  1. You need to use deserialize json activity to de-serialize the string
  2. You need to get release key (Similar to step 1 with GET method)
    The output will be a string.
  3. Using the release you need to do another HTTP POST
    The body will be something similar to this
    “”“startInfo”“”+“:”+" “+”{“+
    “”“ReleaseKey””“+”:“+” “+”“”“+Release_Key+”“”“+”,“+
    “”“RobotIds””“+”:“+” “+”[“+
    " ]”+“,”+

Finally these are some reference posts:

Hope this helps. Good luck

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