Process arguments do not sync after publish

Hi everyone,

Any ideea how to deal with this issue in UiApps?

Here, when checking the processes used in apps, everything is synced (look for in_functionString)

But when overriding arguments, there is an old version of the process arguments, so no in_functionString can be seen…

Thank you for your support

Hi, when you edit your Apps, there are 2 or more options on your left hand pane - dashboard, orchestrator, etc.
Click on Orchestrator, and click on the Refresh button (highlighted below) for your specific process


This should update your process on the Apps. Let me know if this helps.


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@Irina_Butu ,

Yea process arguments into apps reflect from Process execution log database. so can you please execute process manually once into orchestrator.

Please follow below approach when you add any new field or change.

  1. Deploy process
    2.Run Process Manually into orchestrator
    3.Then go to apps and refresh connection

you should be able to see all new property. if you see any deleted property you can manually delete it.



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