Arguments not visible in Deployed Process!

I converted a project that was initially deployed without any input arguments into a process with 3 input arguments.

The process version was changed to v2.0.1 make sure of this major enhancement during deployment:

But when the package is deployed to Orchestrator, the v2.x of the process does not reflect the process arguments! :neutral_face:

Is this because I converted an existing cross-platform process and changed it’s entry point signature?


Subsequently, I scratch built a basic process with 2 In arguments and 1 out argument.
On deployment, the process arguments still do not show up!

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?


@AndyMenon , this is a bug, thanks for reporting. Please expect a fix to be deployed today.

Thanks for the update @Cosmin_Popescu !

Eagerly awaiting the fix.

@AndyMenon we deployed a fix for this issue, check it out :relieved:

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Yep! It works! :slight_smile: One thing to note is the fix is not applicable to already deployed automations. I had to redeploy it once more to see the fix.

In addition, I modified the process to test an In/Out argument. Results below:

Thanks @alinvelea! :+1:


You are right, this is not applicable to already deployed automations, this was intentional. Taking into account that we are in a preview state we haven’t backfilled existing deployments.

Understood. Not an issue at this moment.

Thanks for the update.

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