Problems with interactive workflow/path exists

Dear community

we are currently having an issue with path exist-activity. The workflow is running perfect while started in UiPath Studio. Started from Orchestrator (Invoking an interactive workflow), it does not seem to find the files required.

Could there be any relation between interactive workflow and path exist? What else could cause the workflow to not find the file?

Hi @binaer, Can you just send a screenshot of your Project Explorer/Project Pane in Uipath Studio (After opening the project in which you are facing issues.)


there we go…(SC deleted)
The “Path exists” path do all exist (or not), but as I mentioned already, it works when started with UiPath. This screenshot is from the workflow which is invoked as a “invoke workflow interactive”…

Dear @binaer, the screenshot is for the designer pane where you can see your activities.
Please send the Project Pane’s screenshot where you are able to see the list of files and folders for the current project.

apologies… there we go

000-Start.xaml consists the invoke wf interactive call to 000-Main.xaml. Get-Excel reads an excel file (way down the workflow) and the InitializeEnv. is for the variable instantiation…

I have the same problem unfortunately…Any luck on this? Works fine from Studio but not from Orchestrator