Problems caused by unused dependencies


I would like to know why removing unused dependencies areconsidered as a best practice ? what is the problem that large chunk of unused dependencies can potentially lead to ?


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By removing any unused references in your application, you are preventing the CLR from loading the unused referenced modules at runtime. Which means that you will reduce the startup time of your application, because it takes time to load each module and avoids having the compiler load metadata that will never be used. You may find that depending on the size of each library, your startup time is noticeably reduced. This isn’t to say that your application will be faster once loaded, but it can be pretty handy to know that your startup time might get reduced.

Another benefit of removing any unused references is that you will reduce the risk of conflicts with namespaces. For example, if you have both System.Drawing and System.Web.UI.WebControls referenced, you might find that you get conflicts when trying to reference the Image class. If you have using directives in your class that match these references, the compiler can’t tell which of the ones to use. If you regularly use autocomplete when developing, removing unused namespaces will reduce the number of autocompletion values in your text editor as you type. You may even increase your typing speed, as there are less values to sort through.

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