What are the issues of installing more packkages than I use?


I am new to Uipath. I would like to know what are the issues I would face for installing packages that I may not use. I know 1 of the issues is a slow-down in speed.
Are there others?

Also if I only install 7 more packages which I may not use as stand-by on an Intranet computer, will there be serious issue?

Thank you

you can install n number of packages it wont effect your performance. Basically its depends on your machine space and your internet speed


Thank you v much for yr reponse! But in another post, someone said it is a bad idea to have un-used dependencies. What are the consequences?

he sad correct only generally if you are not consuming that package in your project it is waste of memory consumption and remove unused object etc.it is good practices

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Thanks for the reply. It is stated in this weblink (https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2020.10/docs/st-usg-010)

"Remove unused packages in order to improve process execution time. "

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Hi @Anonymous2,

The more packages you have on your Studio means the slower your Studio is likely to be, much like any other system or application with add-ons (Excel, Word, etc).

As @Nithin_P mentioned on one of your older posts, it is better to not have any redundant packages, as this will slow your Studio down. Stick to the packages you need to work with, and don’t add any unless you specifically need them.

The packages I normally use are as follows, and these are commonly default:

If you require any different packages, for example UiPath.Word.Activities then you can install the package on your studio. However, if there is no use for the package, you may as well remove it from your Studio.

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