Problem with triggering a robot via Orchestrator API

I writing to you in connection with a problem that I face when I’m trying to trigger a robot from Orchestrator via API. According to documentation on About OData and References starting a robot via API is possible after passing several arguments to the parameters like: ‘ReleaseKey’, ‘Strategy’, ‘RobotIds’, ‘NoOfRobots’ in the picture below. Additionally, I configured authorization as instructed on UiPath Orchestrator API : Authentication - #12 by aksh1yadav what helped me go through the first type of error - an error that says I’m not signed in. However, I encountered another type of error namely – ‘Parameter ‘name’ is missing’. I tried to search everywhere what type of parameter the ‘name’ is, however with no result. Only ‘name’ parameter that I found was the one that I saw when entering on, however after copying it to the request builder parameters section – nothing happened. Please give me your feedback on this situation and potential hints what to do next to be able to trigger a robot via Orchestrator API.

Your request looks good.
Can you please tell me if the names of the below are defined in orchestrator?

  1. Robot Name
  2. Release Name
  3. Environment Name

Hi , I have the same issue

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Any news about this issue? I’m having the same one…

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Hi again!

I have got the solution with the help of a colleague (Many thanks to Joe Lasher!!).

As the documentation explains, all the input values should be inside a unique parameter “startInfo”:

“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “xxx”,
“Strategy”: “All”,
“RobotIds”: ,
“NoOfRobots”: 0

I think the best way to avoid these problems is using Swagger UI for testing the REST API and don’t use the HTTP Request Wizard that could be confusing.


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Did you ever find a solution to this?


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Did you check the above message?