Problem with the version "19.8" with "for each row"

Hi Team,

I am facing issue with the newer version of community edition,
Working with “For each row” is taking too long to execute with the 19.8 version, but it was executing very fast with the older version. Need your help to resolve this.



It is working fine for me and able to loop through the values as fast as we have in the older versions. Can you check with some other loops and try :slight_smile:

Hi @Pankaj_Yadav

Try to update all the packages and run again. This should not happen.



Hi @HareeshMR,
Thanks for your response, I am only using “For each row” and the same is working well with the older version"19.7" but bcz its updating automatilcally to “19.8” and taking too long to execute it


Hi @PrankurJoshi,

Thanks for response, I have updated all the packages but still it is taking too long to execute .


Try downgrading to lower version and check once @Pankaj_Yadav?

The “problem” you are seeing is generated by the changes of the default behavior. The Run button starting with 19.8 triggers Debug and not Run.

Also by default Log Activities is enabled on new Studio session and because now you run with debug the steps from the loop are printed to Output panel.

You have two options :
a) Disable logging - Debug tab - Options - Uncheck Log Activities
b) Run without Debug (Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + F6)

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I tried to install the “19.7”, but again it is upgrading to latest when restarting the Studio.

Is there any way to not to update for community edition?

@Pankaj_Yadav check my previous message.

There is no supported way to stay out of the latest version for Community Edition

Hi @alexandru, Thanks Its all good now.


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