For Each Row activity not showing contents after an upgrade

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I have an issue with the ‘For Each Row’ activity not displaying as it should. I’m making some amendments to an old project and I’ve noticed that when upgrading the System.Activities package from 22.4.4 to 22.10.3 the For Each Row activity doesn’t display properly and I lose the contents. However if I search for an activity that I know is in the For Loop contents it navigates slowly and finally displays its contents but then if I navigate back up it loses it again. So for example in the below – If I search for dtHeaders it will find it and display the contents of the For Loop.

Notice how the icon has also changed from that of a datatable to a workflow.

I am using 2021.10.4 of Studio.

Please also note that the description for the system activities says that you need 2019.2 or above and I am using 21.10.4

Any ideas?

After the upgrade :-


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Why are you upgrading just the System package and not Studio? Please try to stick with the version that Studio was delivered as it was tested/developed in the same timeframe.

Do you have a specific need for the latest System version?

Hi Alexandru,

Thank you for the reply!

I was simply upgrading the packages to keep up to date and also because Studio was offering me the opportunity to update, I didn’t realise I had to keep track manually which packages I need to update and not update. Would it be possible for the UiPath people to implement a feature whereby you are only offered updates for the version of Studio you are on.

I have been asking my organisation if we can update both Orchestrator and Studio for a while now but there is no movement on that which is a pain as I would like to keep up to date.

I did get a response from the support guys at UiPath about downgrading which I already know I needed to do anyway as I downgraded incrementally to see when it started working again,

Thanks again for the reply.




The descriotion for the sytem activity doesn’t say that it is not compatible.

I am using 21.10.4

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