Problem with REF and credential

Hi all,
i’m using REF, I got the credentials in IF FIRST RUN stage and after that passing in the INIT LOGIN.
My problem is that: When an item is retried, there are no credentials in the variables, why? shouldn’t it hold the value all the way around?
Thanks in adv

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Can you try storing the asset details in Config and try ??

Yes, sorry, i have the name of the orchestrator credential saved in the config, under credential sheet

Can you check the arguments and variables which are beign used and run in debug mode and check if it’s extracting in the first run


The problem is that you’re trying to get Credential while using Get Asset activity, which’s included in REFramework.
So the solution is to use Get Credentials activity in the scope where you need to use credentials, not by including it in Config file. It’s made like that due to security reason - best practice is to use credentials in smallest scope possible (see workflow analyzer rule SEC*).

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