Problem with read range activity (Beginners)


We are three students who just began working with UIPath for a project in school, we are beginners who do not know much.

We are trying to read a range in Excel, where we want to display the data from specific cells A1-A6 and print them in the message box for the user to see.

We have searched the internet but can not find a sollution to our problem.

  1. We do not know how to specify the range for the activity to read.

  2. How do we fix the problem with the output? (See picture 1) Right now we only have a variable called “output” which the program prints. Why are there decimals and other stuff there?

Thank you, and as I said, we are beginners at this, but we really want to learn!


Hi @jakl

Use Read range and print the datatable with output datatable acivity

Ashwin S

Hi Ashwin,

We know, but thank you for the reply.

Our problem lies in the questions stated abow. How do we specify the range to read cells A1-A6, and how do we remove the extra “stuff” as you can see in the picture.


hi @jakl

give it as “A1:A6”

so based on that you will get it

Ashwin S

hi @jakl

Since you haven’t specified range, entire sheet is being read and so you see the output from other columns as well.
Specify “A1:A6” in range field of Read Range activity and you will see the output of only 6 cells as you wished for.

Attached is the screenshot for reference.Capture

Thanks :slight_smile: