Error Detecting Project Version issue

Hi guys.
Good day.
I encountered an error: Error detecting project version.
I cannot open the project anymore.
What I did was I reverted back to 19.4 from 19.8 because I am already using an Enterprise Studio.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Aiden_Goh

I experienced exactly what you are experiencing right now :slight_smile:
So what you can do here is open the project.json file and update the schemaVersion to 3.2 from 4.0.
Check out my post here:

Thanks and regards :slight_smile:


Ah. Thank you for your quick response.
I already opened the project. Just changed the schemaVersion just like what you suggested.
Thanks for this!

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You’re welcome!
Feel free to approach me anytime :slight_smile:


Sure! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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