Error in uploading process

hello friends,
while opening an older version of a project with UiPath studio 2018.4.2, I get the following error:

Cna you pleas ehelp me in solving it?
Thank you so much,

Please try updating all the dependent packages

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Thank you @kavinnatarajan.
Can you share the screenshots of how to do that?
Iā€™m passing from 2018.3.1 to 2018.4.2.
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Click on Manage Package ā†’ project dependencies-> update it

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It says that:
Installing this package on a Studio v2018.2 or lower causes unexpected changes in your workflows. This package version requires Studio v2018.3 or above.
I cannot manage to solve the problem.
Can you please help me further?Thank you

You are in 2018.3.1 right so it wont be an issue.

Try update all other activities . there might be an interdependency.


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