Problem with finding the right line

Hey evereyone,
im working with studio X on our ERP software , trying to type data into the system.
the process working well so far anf the robot is able to find the right fields to type data into,
the problem i have is when i ask the robot to type data to different lines that are one below other and look the same, when i am running the process the robot is typing the data sometimes to the corret field and sometimes to the field of the line above the current line.
please check photo attached, the highlighted fields they are the one that need to be typed into in each row.
what do you think i can do?
many thanks,

Hi @zohara

Have you tried with CV activity or Click image activity


Hello @zohara
Welcome to UiPath community…!

Can you share the screenshot of the workflow that you have created? Also have you provided the proper delay in the workflow?


please see the image of the workflow for that,
also, why do you think Delay is necessery here?

hey, havn’t tried that yet,
do you suggest it should work differntly?