Unable to Find Element; Element is Validated Before Running

Hi Everyone,

I’m mostly self-taught aside from the occasional video from UIPath so I hope I’m not missing anything too obvious. Anyways, I’m working on an automation that will take a value from an Excel sheet and paste it into my company’s ERP system. The problem I’m having is with the Type Into function. I successfully connected UIPath to that application, indicated the target, and used the text box label as an anchor. Everything seems fine and even validates, so I confirm it and move on.

If I attempt to run the program or go back into the Edit Selector, it now says that the element was not found. A few posts I found on the forum had me looking into the selector’s and anchor’s properties, so I messed around there with no success. However, I did notice that clicking the Show All Matches button was able to highlight exactly what I indicated, so I’m not sure how it can do that but still not validate.

My best guesses are that it’s some kind of compatibility issue with our ERP system or it’s something wrong with the properties. Ideas? Thanks for the help.

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Sorry for the small screenshot, I only have permission to post one picture so I combined them. Let me know if you need one blown up in better quality.