Problem with Browser Tab Switch

I have the followig problem:
When I click in one part of the screen, the web app opens a new tab (and send the user to that tab).
The thing that I need to click its not a button, so i use f3 to select the part of the screen to click.
I can make the UIpath to open the tab, but the problem is that UIpath don’t navegate to the other tab (it returns to the first); and when I use CTRL+TAB; UIpath can navegate to the tab, but I can’t do anything more on it (no more activities).

What’s the problem?

Hi @JRR1

Use activate activity and give the selector of the newly opened tab

Excuse me, but I don’t understand. How can i activate the activity? I have searched but i couldnt found it.

There is an activity called “activate” give any selector of the newly opened tab

you can do it by clicking a selector that want change and change the x and y axis on it to your required location
but i might change in some situations

ok! that was the problem.
I don’t have the “Activate” acitivity in my UIpath Studio Community. I dont know why.

Update all the packages to the latest version and try of you can find the activity… thanks

Yes but that was possible when we working on the same window.

I updated all the packages and reinstalled the app but I cannot find the activity yet. :frowning: