Navigating to a newly launched window

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to build a workflow which downloads a file from a web-based application. Once I logged into the browser, I would need to navigate through a few windows before I get to the download window. Similar concept as clicking next page however it will instead pop up a new window for me to navigate to the next step. How do I make the robot navigate and interact with the next window?


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You can try with Activate Window. This activity will help to activate/Navigate your desire window whenever you want.

Hi Nilesh,

Thank you for the warm welcome. I cant seem to find the Activate Window activity. Is there a specific package I should download first?

You need to install UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package.


I see. Thank you!

I’ve got it running and I think the activity is Get Active Window? But now my current issue is, the new window pops up behind the previous window hence not being the active window? what can I do from here?

Ideally Activate Window should activate the window on foreground, but is in your case it is not activating try with below.


Hi Jocelyn, if it opens a new window, then the next step would be to see what are the unique characteristics are of this new window.

You can try:
-Use the ‘Attach Window’ activity. It will prompt for you to identify the window. Any activities placed in this activity will then be performed on this specific window.
Things like as selector might often be sufficient to differentiate the window compared to another active one.

You can also identify the window through the selector in an activity (e.g. Click).

If it needs more differenations, you can use UI explorer.

My recommendation to develop in such a way that activities can work in the background. So that you as as a user actually do not need to see the window.

If you post some screenshots (with any confidential data blurred out), that’s also helpful for us to help you.

Hi @jocelyn.koh

You are asking to navigate to another page from the same tab right?Correct me if am wrong

if that’s the case use navigate to Activity



If classic, use Attach Window. If modern, it’s Use App/Browser.

Have you done the free UiPath training on their web site? It covers things like this.

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

I’m actually trying to navigate on another window that pops up after clicking a hyperlink. But I cant seem to make the robot navigate on the new window. It still navigates on the previous one.

hi @postwick
I’ve been using Use App/Browser for my work. However i’m facing an issue where when I click on a hyperlink on window 1, it will open a new window (window 2) and it wont let me navigate on window 2. It will try to search for the next step on window 1.

I’ve covered the RPA citizen developer foundation so far.

Check your url whether it has changed in the url field of it has been changed .

If it has been changed but the window is not opened try send hotkey-f5 button

Hope this helps


You have to use Use App/Browser to attach to the new window that opened.

Hello, did you guys find a solution for this? I am having the same issue and I cannot use the Use App/Browser activity as I do not know the URL that opens the window as it is generated (I do not know how) as a result of the previous interactions with the first web page. Is there any other alternative to deal with pop-up windows?

You don’t need to know that. Just don’t use URL in the selector. Or use wildcards in the URL for the parts you don’t know.

hello @postwick , thanks for your answer but unfortunately when not using an URL in the selector the robot just opens a new blank tab and when using wildcards in the URL it also opens a new tab with the URL and wildcard used… hence it doesn´t select the tab that was opened by a previous click that submited the info an opened the results in the new tab I need to access.

What’s the URL? You can use wildcards to handle parts of the URL that change.

For example if the URL is

…and the id changes, then you set your URL in the selector as…*

You can do the same with page titles. For example, the title of this page is:

Navigating to a newly launched window - Help / StudioX - UiPath Community Forum

Which I can use in a selector with wildcards as…

“*UiPath Community Forum”