Problem with a drop list

Hello everyone, I have a problem with a drop list. when I use click activity the selector sees the drop list a one single block. so, I can’t select the correct value as shown.

what should I do?

Try with the “Select Item” activity.

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still the same issue

as it is a browser: right click on an dropdown item - select inspect element and analyse the structure of the drop down. Check if it is HTML Select element

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this is the inspection for the list

ok, when using the select item, ensure that the target selector is pointing to this select element.
Keep in mind, sometimes simple indicate item needs to be manually reworked

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In situations like this, sometimes it can be handy to use the screen recorder, I personally find the tool to be a crutch for sloppy development, but for selectors its hard to ‘select’ its actually pretty nice at seeing if its actually possible.

Try selecting a value via the recorder, then running it again. If it CAN select the same value, you might be in luck moving forward.

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thanks this actually works. thank you for your support.

thanks, you all for trying to help. i am really appreciate the support.

You’re welcome! Good luck with the rest of the topic and hope this tip helps you with tricky selectors in the future!

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