Problem With a column created in excel

I have a problem. There is an extra row in excel created which I did not use Add Data Row for, and I’m having a trouble trying to find a way to remove it. It just says, “Text(column 1), 1(column 2)”

I’m using the Array Row property in the Add Data Row activity

Help is very much appreciated. Thank youexcel problem

Uncheck addheaders on your writerange activity to eliminate the datatable columns.

I did that, and it doesn’t appear. But in using Append Range, it doesn’t have that option, yet I still get the same Text, 1 columns. Sorry to bother you, bro.

Hi @carlow050

In this case you have use Header Names of the columns, instead column number, If you give the Names then even there is a change of the index also it will not create problem

Hope this helps you


I see. The names of the array is the header in the Add Data Row. It wasn’t an entry. hmm. Thanks! I need to find a way to do an entry

Build data table before Add Data Row. and can you send the screenshot of build datatable?

can i see the Add Data Row property window?

In activity Build Data table, initially by default there will be a row as shown below

Please remove that row by click “x” mark



Are you creating any New datatable ?

Can you please elaborate your process. ?

thank you for the tip ! It works !