Issue with deleting columns and saving and with add headers not adding

Hello and thank you in advance,

I have a data table which I am scraping from a website and that works fine. The first issue is that I am deleting two columns in the data table and I can see the columns being deleted but when I view the data table, the columns are back. Here are the images

What am I missing? I have a Save Workbook activity

Also, later in the process I am sorting the data table by the 8th indexed column or column I. It’s not working. Hopw can I fix it?

And also, in another place I have the add headers checked but I am no longer seeing column headers

Thank you again

@mworth123 What did you do to delete Columns, I couldn’t find any Activity that you have used to delete Columns :sweat_smile:


Kindly let us know what is been tried here in the workflow
As stated you told were deleting columns from a datatable extracted
But here in the image there is no Extract Datatable activity

Is it like we got a datatable and trying to delete from the front end UI of excel application

If so we can directly use REMOVE DATA COLUMN activity which will help us to delete the column we don’t want from the datatable

Then we can use the Write range activity or sort datatable activity with column index mentioned (column index usually starts from 0 for the first column)

Cheers @mworth123

If you look in the first and second images above, the column deletes start with the Select Range activity and goes down to the Save Workbook activity. This deletes column A and column B

Thank you, I am scraping a website in a prior activity and then I’m saving it here and trying to delete columns. I’ll try the REMOVE DATA COLUMN activity today

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Kindly try and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mworth123