Problem while creating data table

please look at the image attached below.

Hi @ankur_kaushik2 !
When you created your datatable data1, did you also initialize it ? If no, you should write next to it new datatable:

Also, if possible you should create the structure of your datatable with a build datatable before you add/remove anything in your datatable.

That exception occurs when you are trying to reference a variable that is not populated with anything. It’s probably related to the variables in the array you are trying to add.

Can you show us some more of your workflow or attach it here so we can understand the issue better?

here it is

Hi @ankur_kaushik2

Please use build datatable activity before add data row activity.

From the image I can see that you are add a row before build a datatable.thats why the error is coming.

We should build a datatable before adding a datarows.


i shifted it to down after datatable but now in excel there is no header what i named in datatable and its overwriting on the same row

please look at above image

@ankur_kaushik2 yes I can , the build datatable is inside the excel application scopeand add datarow is before the excel application scope right?

If that’s that case move the build datatable activity out of Excel application scope and put before the add data row activity.


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why there is no headers showing which i named in datatable

Have you ticked add headers property in write range activity.

Hope the values are coming then


i couldnt find add header option.

okay its in write range activity.hehe silly me.

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@ankur_kaushik2 in write range activity properties panel there is an property called AddHeaders, you can also see that in one of the screenshots you shared .

Please refer this document you can find AddHeaders property,


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@ankur_kaushik2 is the issue resolved? if yes please mark my thread as solution and close the thread so it may be useful to others in the future.


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