Problem While Installing Excell AddIn (Certificate Validation)

Hi all, i face issue while installing the Excel AddIn because the Certificate valid until 21/12/2021, any suggest how to solve it? thank you

Error while tried to install ExcellAddIn

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Hi @lentvalent,

Could you please try the below once,

Also, here is the full troubleshooting guide - Excel Add-in

Hope this helps.



Check below thread for your reference

Hope this may help you


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Hello, I am new to UiPath, getting error when setting source of Copy/Paste Range activity to Indicate in Excel. Please see attached, I followed this thread and added the UiPath certificate to the cert store but error is not going away. I have attached the error, please assist.


After trying various settings, I was able to resolve the above issue by manually exporting UiPath certificate and adding it to the “TrustedPublisher” as shown in the following screenshot.

Now go back and add UiPath add-in as follows
Check UiPath Add-in and click Ok in the following screen

Hope, this helps if anyone else like me is struggling to use Excel in UiPath automation.