Problem typing into a website


There is a website I am trying to log into. I can run the process through UiPath, but when ran from orchestrator this doesn’t work.

Here’s an image of what happens when the robot fails.

The username is “fobosec”. Notice how the robot misses the F?
There is a password, but this doesn’t get typed.
Sometimes this login process works.

The type into activity is not set to a selector since the cursor is defaulted to username.
The type into activity is set to type, "Username + tab + password + enter.
There is no problem with the password being retrieved. The password is being retrieved.

This only seems to be an issue with this specific website.

Since you haven’t placed a selector in the first type into, the robot starts typing before the page is loaded, so when the focus comes to the User name text box its continuing from obosec.

Having a selector is always the safer route to take. Also, check the WaitForReady property to set to Complete, so that will wait for entire page to load before proceeding.

Thank you. This resolved my problem.

I have tried selectors before with issues. But I think setting WaitForReady to Complete did the trick. That makes sense.