Problem running Initialize applications workflow in UI Demo example

I am working on the first example (UIDemo) given in Level 3 course. I am getting an error while running the Initialization of applications. I have a doubt in the PDF file that is given with this example on how to pass these arguments and where:

Below is the screenshot of my workflow and the error that I get

Which activity does the process fail on if you run it in debug mode? Check the data in the Locals section of the debug screen and see if anything you’re using in that activity is set to null. Something might not have been initialized.

An example would be if you were trying to use the Config dictionary before the Init state created it. Config would be null in that case.

It fails on the invoke workflow activity. Below is the screenshot from locals section of debug screen

Check the arguments to your workflow. When changes are made to the arguments of a workflow, you will need to check where the Invoke Workflow File activity is used and make sure the arguments passed in are accurate.