Problem in using new notepad version of Windows 11 in UIPath

Hi, I am trying to use UIAutomation using Notepad in windows 11 machine. But I am not able to select Individual menu items of notepad through UIPath. What can I do for that?

HI @Shabana_Pathan

You need to click the menus, right?

Try this way

  • Use Attach Browser and indicate on the notepad text area.
    • Now use Send HotKey to access the menus
      File - Alt+F
      Edit - Alt + E
      View - Alt +V

Hope this Helps


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Thanks, will try.

Hi @Shabana_Pathan

Try to use Send Hotkey or Click Image activity



It should be able to access the fields in notepad as a individual element

Upgrade UiAutomation package and give a try


Open Ui explorer in design tab and try with different framework from there


If that still doesn’t work then try with COMPUTER VISION activity

That should work for sure

Cheers @Shabana_Pathan

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