UIElement is not valid and is just trying to point to notepad's area

Hi Everyone,

I am new to UIpath and looking forward to your help and to learn from experts in this group.

I am trying to learn from a video which shows the very first robot of opening notepad application for typing some text.

Somehow, I just can’t select the area below the file menu bar as shown in the training video

I search in forum for the error message “UiElement is not longer valid” and somewhere mentioned to select using the UI Explorer with UI Frameworks as Active Accessibility but still I can’t select the area below the file menu bar.

The error message is “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned form a cal to a COM component”.

Where and what have I done wrong ?

Many thanks.

Best regards,
John Lee

You can use “Get Text:” Activity to get that labled text data and after its output pass that into with type Into activity.

Hi etss1016,

Thanks but not sure what you mentioned. Like this?

Still I can’t.

Best regards.
John Lee

Hi everyone,

I uses another notebook and setup UIpath for the same test.

I don’t encounter any issue with the 2nd notebook to point to the type into area.

Is there any constrain in the hardware or OS setting in hardware we need to be aware of when we use UIPath?

Best regards,
John Lee