Problem in file upload to google drive

i want to upload a csv file to my google drive folder, i am trying to use google drive activities but they are asking for so many parameters that i don’t understand.

Hi @YashV

See here for a detailed documentation:

Hi, I need to get file list in My Drive but dont know the ID. Could you help me?


This could possibly no longer be an issue but if its is the below should help.

  1. Go to the file you need the ID for in your Google Drive
  2. Right click the file
  3. Select the “Get Shareable link” option (This copies the link to a clipboard)
  4. Open notepad or any other app that allows you to paste
  5. The ID of the file should be in the link - something like this…”

Hope this helps.

Thanks, but “My Drive” has no ID, and I figure out that we cannot share My Drive with another account. So I see that’s impossible