Can I get all the IDs of the files inside a Google Drive folder using Google GSuite?

I trying to get all the IDs of the files inside a Google Drive folder. I am using Find Files and Folders activity but I can’t make it work. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you so much!

you could use the direct API within the UiPath http request activity.

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@ronanpeter I use the http request activity. I populate the Endpoint, ClientCertificate, and ClientCertificatePassword but its giving me an error message.


Can you show the parameters you have included in your request?

It should have fileId as a parameter included. You can find the fileId by going to the file, right clicking, selecting get shareable link. The Id is the long string**1boGrenaezfBB8ot3b6nSTYwOQ9ngQ_Xn**/view?usp=sharing

Make sure you have google API access permissions set up


Please see below image

I already set up my API access permission.
I try to include the get shareable link then get the ID in the process but I can’t establish a reliable selector for the ‘shareable link’ button.

Are you able to find name of folder then probably use two find folders activity.

You can use Find Files and Folder From Google Drive GSuite Package.
In Search for objects write down this code: “‘YOUR FILE ID HERE’ in parents”
Just replace “YOUR FILE ID HERE” with the Folder ID.
Hope this helps.



Have you managed to access it via HttpRequest? Could you share the solution with us?

I’m having the same problem!