Automation failed: Can't access internal browser pages?

Hi team,

Use Case:
I want to “PDF print” a website. The webseite contains kind of slides, which I can scroll through, if I click the “next” button.

My targeted automation:
a) Load page
b) Press print button
c) Select printer “Print to PDF”
d) Click of save
e) Save file to a specific folder/ file name (parameter)
f) Click on “next” page
g) repeat the above

Actuall this is a quite simple flow. However, I struggle with the accessability of this little printer window. Once you click on print, a pop-up appears, which offers me the selection of the printer.

However, if I try to screenrecord this window with UIPath, the system tells me that “internal browser pages” or “new tabs” cannot be automated.

Has anybody experienced the same and can provide a solution?


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Hi @Andreas-K001 ,

Could you provide us with Screenshots of the Window that you are facing the Problem?

Hey @Andreas-K001 ,

Are you using classic or modern package?
If using classic, try with the “attach window” activity.
If using modern, try with the “use application/browser” activity in the pop up screen.

Please let us know if it helped you or give us more information about the case.


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after you end the prin to pdf step, use the attach window activity, select the file explorer and perform the activities inside until you save the pdf


@Andreas-K001 May I know why you are screen recording. Is it not working with any of the UiPath activities ?

Hi guys,

thanks for your replies. I think i could now narrow down the problem a little bit.

I think the biggest problem is that UIPath recognizes the “print window” as
“Chrome Legacy Window”.


It seems that UIPath is not able to process this kind of window:

Any ideas?

Here a screenshot of the “print window”: