Hello guys,
I want to press enter after a popup message appears but it does not work.
How should I do?
Here is a screen print

You can use click image activity

You can also use type into or send hotkey without specifying any selectors. This will just type the enter key using whatever is currently active on the screen

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Is it chrome pop up?

Thanks you! Yes it is a chrome popup.
I tried with click image but it does not work I don’t know why.
How does it work?

Hi @Youssef,

Have you tried using the UiExplorer to capture the selector:
<html app='chrome.exe' /> <ctrl name='OK' role='push button' />

The other option is to use send hotkey to the window and hit Enter.


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No!! How does it work?
I have tried with send hotkey but it does not work on chrome.

Have you installed the Chrome extension and then restarted Studio?


NO. what is it about?

Check this out: Installing the Chrome Extension



Try to reinstall chrome browser

Nothing happened. Send hotkey does not work neither click image. I am wondering why

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Inspect the pop up, if it’s not a child of the parent window then you will need to attach to the new prompt or provide an absolute selector.

In some cases, Chrome does not allow you to interact with certain message / alert boxes, or for example privacy / security warnings.

This is an example of a basic JavaScript alert, that cannot be selected.

In these cases you’d want to use Click Image activity as previously suggested.

The Click Image activity is pretty straight forward, drag a boundary box around what you want the activity to recognize, with a given selector.

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