Practice Test Advanced Certification question

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I was doing the practice advanced test and came across the below image and was trying to understand the answer which appears correct as the other 3 were incorrect but the correct answer doesn’t make sense to me.

Is it because the failed transaction item was a application exception therefore the screenshot was taken in the performer at the set transaction status for System exceptions? the answer doesn’t seem too well worded? to me.

Also is there any documentation that mentions this about failed transaction items and location of associated screenshots as I couldn’t find it unless its about my systems exception screenshots?

Hi @Heng

  1. Always assign a status to successful or Abandoned to a transaction Item

Ans: Set transaction status allows only Sucess and Failed (Business / Application). InProgress Items will be abandoned automatically after period of time (eg. 24 hours)

  1. Read data from multiple queues from varying data at once

Ans: default RE framework uses one queue that is mentioned in config file. RE framework is designed in a way to retrieve transaction one by one and process it.
Getting all the data at once and processing together does not require a RE framework. it can be done with simple sequence or flow chart

  1. Kills all applications open on the machine after business exception

Ans: when business exception happens RE framework set the transaction status as Failed (Business Exception) and proceeds to retrieve next transaction. RE framework only closes and reopens the application for Failed (Application exception)

  1. Updates the failed queue items with the location of associated screenshots

Ans: One Key features of the RE framework is exception handling. So, point 4 is the only correct answer.

I will recommend below courses from UiPath academy

Hands on practice will help a lot


By default RE framework will take screenshots only for Application exception and location of the screenshot will be recorded in the log message / studio output section.

if you want screenshot for business exception the you should make changes in set transaction workflow. these type of changes are not recorded in any academy courses.

Cool thank you JohnFelix

Cool thank you JohnFelix :slightly_smiling_face: