///PRACTICE/// Download attachment from inbox

Hi All
Can help me with the following problem:
I am trying to download attachments for specified mail from outlook.
1.E-mail received today
2.Mail subject with the word “special”

I don’t know how to set the conditions now!

Thanks & regards 1

item.subject.contains(“special”), assuming item is of mailmessage type.

Dear Tiberiu
Sorry, I am a new.
Which code can I use?

use an If activity with the condition item.subject.contains(“special”)

Dear Tiberiu
Thank you very much!
The program can run & the results appear!
But I still have a question,
How to Set the date of receiving Mail.

if by that you mean getting the date at which the mail was sent, use item.headers(“Date”)

Hi @Amos,
Inside for loop add a if condition item.Header(“Date”.equals(Today.tostring))
Pavan H.


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