Powershell script from UiPath


Please suggest how to call PowerShell script by passing few parameters from UiPath flow for the below scenario.

I have PowerShell script to add the comments to a specific cell in excel by passing few parameters from UiPath flow to PowerShell.

I have to pass the below parameters to PowerShell and execute PowerShell.

  1. File Name parameter (File name keeps changing in For each Loop)
  2. Sheet Name
  3. Range ( Cell index like β€œA”+ i.ToString)
  4. Comment to add to the cell in excel based on the Range passed from step 3.

I have the PowerShell in the Project folder itself.


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@krishbcd please have a look How to Integrate PowerShell with UiPath- Step by Step guide


Thanks. My script is updating the cell comment. BUT GETTING THIS ERROR and not proceeding with further UiPath flow.


I could able to continue further by selecting continue on error β€œYes” under properties

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