Can we use Powershell script to fetch data from excel and pass (Loop) the same in UiPath for ‘n’ number of rows?

hi @nole_1
you can invoke the powershell script using uipath

but is there any reason behind to use powershell because uipath have all the necessary activities to work with excel.


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Hello Ajay,
you can find often established and consolidated scripts in different business units of a company. They were developed by engaged business experts and work very well. Depending on the complexity, I would always integrate the existing script in the first step. This has in my experience different reasons, the most important are:

  • The scripts work, why should I do the work?
  • The motivation of the colleagues would decrease. With an integration I show the value of their work and increase it. That grows them up and open it for RPA.

Best regards

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Hi @StefanSchnell

I understood your valuable points.

Just i wanted to know reason and also my concern is with development effort and communication between powershell script and uipath…

As a developer i will follow your point of view.


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