Powershell Issue

Hi i am getting this error while using Invoke powershell activity.

For some reason Powershell is not installed in your machine.

You can install it, download from here: GitHub - PowerShell/PowerShell: PowerShell for every system! and install

Powershell is installed in my system.i have tried to execute the command manually also.It worked.

Can you try adding “C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0” path to Path Variable like this:

In Properties of My PC:

then go to variables:

Then Edit path and add:


I’m running into the same error. Just like @vikashkumarvivek00 I’m able to execute the command manually but not through studio. Path variable also has an entry for powershell.

Thanks for your help!

please check if powershell is turn on in windows features. I consulted it with uipath support and it’s necessary.