How to Invoke Power Shell

Hi Friends ,

Anyone here knows how to fixed this kind of issue .
When i tried to run it on Powershell it works ! But when i run it using the Invoke Power Shell Activites it failed.

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It is clear that the command is not correct @pattyricarte

I see you are not passing the exact command which you used in the power shell manually in UiPath activity


Ok @HareeshMR can you tell me what is the exact command i am a newbie using this activity !!! Many Thanks.


Please try passing the same command you have in the invoke powershell activity through uipath activity and check the response once @pattyricarte

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Ok @HareeshMR i will try to elaborate and set me to the right directions…


Where should i passed this command .Do i need to set it in the properties of Invoke Power Shell Activity .

And How should i get the response.

Thanks in advance for your reply…


yeah, you are doing it right @pattyricarte :smiley:

But as it is a parameter, you need to send it without double quotes, but it will send the path to the power shell.

Do these steps:

  1. read the file and store in a variable
  2. Pass the variable to powershell without double quotes
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Hi @HareeshMR
I already did that but i dont have any luck.