Power Point- copying slides with a specific text field

I have a problem with a specific powerpoint task. I would like to create a workflow with a power point presentation as a template. Then slides with a specific text field (e.g. Group 1) should be copied from the template and should be pasted into another (new) presentation. So far I could build the workflow with the numbers of the slides, but not with a text field on the slides.

Hi @LiMa,
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To be honest this sound for me like you rather should use Mailings function built in for each MS application.

Hello Lima,
In this video, I have multiple use cases of UiPath working with POWERPOINT via VB.NET:

1:10​ Install NuGet Package for automation
4:00​ Use-Case 1 Add a new slide and add a picture
8:20​ Add Chart
10:35​ Add a text with shadow
12:30​ Perform a slideshow
15:00​ Delete slide and Export to PDF
17:30​ Working with comments (Add, Read, Delete)
19:50​ Create a complex PowerPoint from 0


Cristian Negulescu