Postpone the transaction item by 1 hour

Whenever I get system exception i need to postpone the transaction item by 1 hour . i need to repeat this potstone step until queue retry limit is reached .After that i need to mark that transaction item to Failed (system exception) .
I tried postpone transaction item activity .It create a new transaction item with new status without keeping the count of retry . so reaching the queue retry limit is never met .Please help me with an approach .

You could:
a) Track of maximum time a transaction is allowed to be postponed (number of retries * the time each transaction is postponed)


b) Use the transaction’s Progress property to keep track of times it is postponed. Something like this Keeping count of postpone activity? - #4 by Nithinkrishna.

Thanks .I was able to track the postpone count . and added a condition like this

But whenever it goes to else condition .Transaction Item is getting retried .Any way to mark to “failed” without going into retired state ? i cannot change the queue retry count for entire process as this postpone condition is for one particular system exception condition .

Can you set it as a Business exception? In that case it wouldn’t be retried.

No ,as support team would be monitoring the queue .For system exception there are different set activities that needs to be followed .They would be confused it this particular one is marked as business exception

I believe it isn’t possible to skip the retried state with Orchestrator queue retries for application exceptions.

You could in this case check the Progress in the beginning of the transaction, and if the value is amount of max retries, skip processing and set it to Failed.

Thanks .Will try this solution .

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