Retry Queue Item With a Postpone in Orchestrator

Hi all,

I am using the retry Queue Item in Orchestrator, Is there a way to add a postpone of the queue item when Orchestrator retries it?

If not, is there another way to achieve this perhaps by adding the item back to the queue when it fails?

The requirement is to retry all AE’s with a Postpone of an hour.

@SenzoD Are you using Reframework. Also, there is something called Postpone Transaction Item activity. Did you try with this ?

Perfect, thanks @ushu

Hi @SenzoD,

You can do it by adding two schedules. 1. You ensure normal operation in the schedule. 2. The schedule starts after 1 hour and the unsuccessful ones between the first schedule start date and the current time in the queue are added to the queue again and run.


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