Possible to highlight the whole row item in a PDF file?

Hi Community

I have a PDF in which i want to highlight the whole line and take a screenshot of it and paste it somewhere else.
The browser i am using is Chrome.

The PDF looks something like this:

I want to highlight one whole row.

By default i can only search in the “Voice-Call Rates” column as the keyword that i already know is from that column. (the values in other columns are unknown to me as they keep on changing)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Aditya_kumar4
You can search for a specific keyword in the first column and once you find that keyword in the column , select that entire row and take a screenshot of it.

how do we select the entire row? that is what i am not able to figure out…

How to highlight found text in pdf - Help - UiPath Community Forum

Try this one if it helps you.

if i know the values then i would have highlighted them…the thing is i only know the values to search from “voices” column… (the values in other columns are unknown to me as they keep on changing)

Hi @Aditya_kumar4
Extract the pdf data in excel file through document understanding then copy the entire row from your excel file and search it in pdf file , this way your entire row would be selected in pdf file & you can highlight it.

okay…will surely try this once…is there any other method apart from document understanding?
not sure if we can use DU in our project…

Hi @Aditya_kumar4 ,

Could you let us know if the Highlighting Row is really needed, Or is it possible for you to present an alternate output in Digital Form itself ? Like a Excel or a Text file ?

Also, It seems like the PDF samples are all digital. We should be able to use Regex and extract the required data and then check for the data to validate.

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I have done it…figured out an alternate way and very easy one…just read that pdf text and converted it into a datatable and then in whichever row it contains the i tem i have to search , copied that whole row and pasted it in browser to highlight! Super easy!

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