Find Row in Excel and copy/paste data from each cell into pdf

Newbie here and I’ve scoured the Web trying to figure out how to do this.

All I am trying to do is searching an excel table based on user input data and extracting data in each cell of that row and putting it into a pdf. I can’t seem to figure out how to “find the row, and then proceed to copy each cell as a saved value”

Any help will be greatly appreciated

You don’t copy/paste. Use Read Range to get the data from the Excel file into a datatable. Then use For Each Row in Datatable to loop through the rows. Inside the loop do the steps you need to do for each row.

I strongly suggest doing the free online UiPath training. It covers basics like this.

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Filtering the data table to only show the rows you are looking for could be done with
the select method. and many others.

assign activity.

dt_filtered =“name = ‘Zachery’”).CopyToDataTable

this would make a new data table called dt_filtered which only contains the row where
column name is equal to Zachery.
then your could easily print it with the method postwick explained above my comment.


  • Read the excel to a data table
  • Get the value from user
  • Look up that into the data table
  • Assign the complete row to a datarow variable
  • Now you can get each cell value from this data row variable

Please find attached workflow. Here I assumed that user input data related to the first column. Try this and let me know for any changes (38.1 KB)


While a perfectly valid solution, for a beginner it may be better to use the Filter Datatable activity.