Possible to get the result from wildcard in selector and pass it as a variable?

For example if I have a select with wild card like this.

And I would like to get the result from the wildcard and pass it as a variable to other activity.

Here is the example mentioned above.

<webctrl name='*' tag='INPUT' type='TEXT' />

So you want to keep the wild card value(*) in a variable and then you want to add it to the selector… right? @puff


We can get it using Find Element activity as the following.
Can you try to set variable at FoundElement. (Let’s say e) Then e.Get(AttributeName) returns it.


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Variables and Arguments of different types can only be passed into Selectors.

No you can’t pass * as a variable.
Wildcard * is just to replace characters in String.

Please refer the link for better understanding of Wildcards

For Example

Not to add it to the selector, the wildcard is within the selector.

For example when an activity with selector <webctrl name='*' tag='INPUT' type='TEXT' /> is excuted, the result of the element found is <webctrl name='Tom' tag='INPUT' type='TEXT' />.

I want to know if there’s a way to extract “Tom” from that activity so it could be used outside of that activity.

This works! Thanks for the help!

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