Wild Card in Selector

Hello Uipath Masters!

Can anyone tell me if the following is possible? I have an assigen activity that I am using to edit a selector and then putting the assign activity output into a click activity.

I am first typing a string into a text box which returns a list I then want to select on the word i just searched for which the list (in Client Name is the variable using to search box) the problem is sometimes the list returns and the word does not exactly match the string in ‘inClientName’ can anyone tell if and how I put a wild card at the end of the varibale ‘inClientName’ so the click activity will like the name in the list even if the word in the list has a few extra caracters at the end of i


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yes you can add an asterisk to the end.

Hey! Thanks!

So I removed .Trim and put and * at the end of inClientName (this is an argument btw). I am getting an error still. Would I need to do this differently?? Thanks man!!



no, like this: inClientName + "*’ tag=‘A’

Cool! Thank You!

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