How to pass a var & wildcard into selector

I am wondering how I could pass a variable and a wildcard into a selector.

I already figured out how to pass the variable and it works:
"<wnd app='MP.exe' title='MP*' /><ctrl name='Instagram' role='grouping' /><ctrl name='"+username+"' role='text' />"
Where username is the variable.

Now I have another situation where I need a condition that will allow me to pass
“scrape ## -”+username

Where ## will be any two numbers (ex, 21, 24, 90, etc)
I know that I have to use the wildcard ?? for this. But how do I put this into the selector alongside the variable?

Thank you in advance

not sure if it will work, but I expect it to be like this:

<wnd app=‘MP.exe’ title=‘MP*’ /><ctrl name=‘Instagram’ role=‘grouping’ /><ctrl name=‘scrape ?? -"+username+"’ role=‘text’ />

I’ve have situations where I couldn’t trust ?, so I alway use * :

<ctrl name=‘scrape* -"+username+"’ role=‘text’ />

Unless, of course, there could be more than 2 digits (or other chars)…

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