How to find a job from the Log details on Orchestrator

Hello all,

My client sent me a log message which I found on orchestrator.
When I open the log details, it contains message, level, logType, machineName, jobId, robotName, etc.
How can I find the whole job that contains the message I received from my client? Can I use jobId or something? I tried to search for jobId but nothing returns.

Thank you in advance.

Do you want to get log file for whole job ?

Hi @raja.arslankhan,
No, I want to open the job to debug it from the beginning of the process.

@bp777 You can get logs against any job but you can’t debug it. For that you need to check your code where is the problem through logs and then you will publish it again.

@bp777 are you getting my point?

I get your point, I have expressed myself incorrectly.
The point is that I want to find the job by jobId or any other parameter from Log Details.

ok Let me share steps to find jobs by different methods.

Go in orchestrator → automation table and select job tab

Click on filter:

Select All/Faulted in filer section according your requirement.
search with processname/hostname/Environment. Better you should search with processname.

Hi @raja.arslankhan ,
There are no enough filters for my scenario since I am not able to search Job by jobId/fingerprint or any other parameter taken from Log details.
I have tried your method in the first place.

@bp777 can you show use job bar on your orchestrator.