Position Based Extractor - Using multiple templates of the same document type

I have tried to find a relevant forum topic for this, but this seems to be too new to be discussed much, yet.

I have a document that has two different templates - similar layout, similar field-structure but different minor attributes such as font type and font size. As a result, when I use one document as a Template Document under the Manage Templates -> Create Template option, any samples of the other template are not recognised well.
I also tried creating two templates, using one of each type. That hasn’t worked as I expected or hoped. In my observation, the first template (say, template.v1) works and the second in sequence (template.v2) doesn’t. If I change them around, template.v2 works fine but template.v1 stops working.

Has anyone faced a similar issue? Any help is highly appreciated.

Screenshot for the template config in question:

Hello @codenameCata,

Please make sure that “template.v2” does not “override” “template.v1” - meaning it matches better than the v1 for the documents you are testing.

“There can be only one”, as they say :slight_smile: , and the best match wins.


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