Form Extractor - Can we specify specific template name for extraction?

Hi ,

from the manual,
“If more than one template is defined for a given document type, the activity identifies the best matching template and continues the data extraction process using that template alone.”
" it searches for all the keywords defined in the templates as Page 1 Matching Info and decides if the template matches them."

I would like to point out specific template based on documents which has exactly the same keywords but have tables of different row length.

Please let me know how I could achieve this?


Hello there,

This is not an option at the moment. if you want to specify the template at run-time, that means you already know which one you want to apply - in this case, you can go two ways:

  • define separate document types one for each template, or
  • use multiple data extraction scopes in an if / switch statement based on your own rules, and have each scope have a single template defined.

On the other hand, you should be able to do this with multiple templates for the same doc type, if the matching information for each page can be set as to uniquely and well allow the activity to match the correct template.

Hope this helps,